My Story

Hello my name is Ivana Pucker.  My life began on May 8, 2010 at  Glenmere Farm, in Fultonville, NY.  I’m sired by Stonesider, and my dam is the beautiful Spoted Trick. My birth was without complication. I was a happy little filly, playing in pasture with my mom and half-sister “Ruby”.

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When I was about two month old I was sold to Cousin Vinny, owner and operator of Betty Beavers Fuel Stops in New York.  I was a birthday gift for wife Janet and the first horse for this wonderful family.

I had no idea what my purpose was at that point, but Cousin Vinny believed that I grow up to be successful either on or off the track.  First, my name had to be decided.  Vinny’s wife Janet chose Ivana which I thought was very classy. Cousin Vinny wanted Pucker because of my prominent pink lips. So they agreed to “Ivana Pucker”.

That was just the beginning.  Cousin Vinny, bless his heart, installed a 42” flat screen TV in my stall so that I could watch every horse racing movie ever made. I admit “My Friend Flicker” was my favorite and watched it many times.

Poor cousin Vinny, not your normal horse owner feverish brain continued to dream up new ventures for me even before I ever saw a track. He purchased a second hand horse trailer which somewhat offended me, considering that my ancestors were very famous race horses. He painted the trailer pink, and painted a cartoon character on it which is supposed to resemble me!?

You may think Cousin Vinny has gone off his rocker, but, to his credit, he has introduced me to lots of children and friends which I fell in love with.  I love all the affection and attention I’ve been given.

No ordinary trainer was good enough for Cousin Vinny, he wanted me to be trained by the best and have the accommodations of a star!  He promised Ritz Carlton.  In October of 2011, Cousin Vinny loaded me up in my pink trailer and we headed to Ocala, Florida. The decision was made Eddie Woods Training Center.

By March; I’d been training hard, but having fun too.  I’d have work-out in the morning and then get turned out in pasture in the afternoons a few times a week!  I knew that was all about to change.

ivana pucker, thoroughbred mare, famous thoroughbreds

Kirby, my exercise rider says there going to breeze me soon, tells me every work out that I’m going to be a super star!  I promise to continue training hard.  I’m happy and enjoying what Kirby and my trainer Eddie Woods is teaching me.

Cousin Vinny and I invite you and your friends to follow my progress as I work toward being a high stakes winning race horse!  My ancestors did it, why can’t I????

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I can now be seen working the track at Linda Rice Racing in my hometown of New York.

Ivana Pucker debuted Saturday July 20th Saratoga











Not how I wanted to make my debut.  I was calm and relaxed some even thought a little to relaxed lol!  That’s just me what can I say.  I had a huge group of fans wearing my T-Shirts as I came through the paddock, everyone cheered for me!  I didn’t even flinch.  I was thrilled and loved feeling like a movie star.

The gate was a true nightmare.  Two horses freaked out and had to be scratched so we had a delayed start and were backed out of the gate.  Many of us were stressed out by this point but my jockey and I just walked around and enjoyed the sounds of the crowd.  I was ready.

If you saw my race you know what happened!  I think I proved myself , and thank my jockey Cornelio H. Velasquez for his decision to keep me safe. I got squeezed between two horses and banged up a little, but after checking me, and taking me all the way to the back we came up on the inside and finished 6th.  That’s ok I fought a great race!

Next Race August 19th Race 10 Saratoga!











Can I just forget about my second race?  Not a good day for me.  I wish I had an answer to what happened to me on August 19th.  I broke great and was hanging in the front, by the time we came around the turn I lost all my energy.  Vinny was heart broken.  I love to run and want to make my owners proud.
















Linda Rice my trainer is one of the top trainers for a reason.  She see’s my potential and heart.  She knows what I need to be successful.  The decision?  Move to Finger Lakes.  Under the direction of Linda Rice Racing, I’ll be working with John & Polly Grabowski.  Polly Grabowski has a long history working with Linda Rice and husband John Grabowski  rode his first winner in 1979, completing his career in 2011 with 3,401 wins and $28,185,106 in earnings. He is the second all-time leading rider at Finger Lakes where he won a record 77 stakes.  New track means new jockey.  Multiple graded stakes winning jockey Wilfredo Rohena.

I’m getting a hang of this racing thing!  I finished forth in my third start.  It was a photo finish.  Although I havne’t broken my maiden yet I’m sure stirring up some new fans!  Off the Pace and ’The Diva’ will be featuring me in up coming Rules of a Racing Diva series.










This past October Off The Pace and Total Horse Channel came together and introduced Diva Chalkchaser to Ivana Pucker.  Ivana was featured in a “Rules Of A Racing Diva” horse racing cartoon!  So exciting to see Ivana catching the attention of fans and fellow horse racers.  More to come during the 2014 racing season.


Ivana Pucker will spend her winter at the beautiful Foggy Bottom Farm.  Enjoying time out in pasture and hanging out with family and friends.

I returned to Finger Lakes in the spring, feeling good and ready for my 2014 season.  My fans are excited too!